Kathleen Conner
Kathleen ConnerOwner

Driven by a lifelong passion for animal care

Kathleen Conner, owner of Purr-Furred Care and Training Services, is a professional dog handler, trainer, and pet sitter for over a decade. From the tender age of 8 her parents took notice to her tremendous interest and compassion towards animals, and it was this enthusiasm that ultimately laid the foundation for her professional career. Her greatest passion of all is pet care, and she feels very blessed to be able to share this passion with her beloved clients each and every day.

Kathleen’s lifelong pursuit of animal care gives her a distinct difference from many dog trainers and animal caregivers. Quickly earning the title of the “Dog Whisperer of Orange County” with her clients, she is able to communicate with her client’s pets in a way that can only be described as “innate.” Whether she is tackling a complex aggression issue that numerous other trainers have turned away, nurturing an anxiety ridden puppy to comfort, or notifying an owner of an “off” feeling that ends up being an illness, there is a clear and deep connection she is able to form with every animal that is nothing short of remarkable to witness.

Kathleen Conner has the knowledge, expertise, and passion to help grow your pet into the best version of him/herself, and give them a safe & loving home away from home. Give her a call at 949.607.9295 to schedule a Meet and Greet today, and let her show you why there is no better person to trust your loved one with.