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For now, you can find a summary of the services we provide below. Whether you are looking for In-Home Dog Training, dog walks, pet sitting visits, or overnight stays, we promise you’ve come to the right place. Have a look below and find out why!

Why Hire a Dog Sitter?

As much as thousands of years of domestication has left us with our cuddly, fun loving best friends, the dogs we know and love are still ultimately descendants of wild animals. The closer their genes are to their ancestors, the more energy they have to expel, and the more of a thirst for life they have to quench.

Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of our daily lives can leave many of us neglecting this crucial component of our loved one’s biology. And, just like in humans, a lifetime of sedentary living can lead to long-term, serious physical health issues in your dog. Not only this, but the short-term mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and restlessness can set in and lead to the unlearning of positive behaviors, destruction of property, aggression, and much worse.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When you hire a Pet Sitter you are doing more than just giving your dog 24-hour supervision or a potty break. You are giving them their own vacation while you are at work or on a vacation of your own. And maybe most important of all – You are giving the gift of access to a healthy lifestyle. The exercise, social interaction, and new experiences they will have will both keep them physically healthy and keep their mind sharp well into their elderly years.

Pet Sitting Visit

We will come to your home at a designated time and perform the following tasks:

  • Feeding and refreshing water
  • Quality time spent with your pet
  • Cleaning food and water dishes
  • Cleaning of pet area
  • Clean up any accidents
  • Playtime/short walks
  • Refreshing of cat litter box
  • Administration of medication
  • Mail and newspaper
  • Inside plants watered
  • Garbage (bringing in and taking out cans)
  • Welcome Home Report and text/e-mail during the visit

If your pet requires any medications or special attention, or you require any other quick routine tasks please let us know and we can come up with a custom visit to accommodate your needs.

Dog Walking Visit / Pack Walk

It’s truly our absolute pleasure to spend time with your dog. Let us enjoy walking and playing with your dog if you are working late, busy with the kids, or just need some time for yourself.

We offer solo dog walking visits, or “Pack Walks” where your dog will get to get out and safely explore and interact with 5-10+ other dogs. Watch the energy and enthusiasm your dog has when Kathleen walks through the door on Pack Walk day!

Included on Solo Dog Walks / Pack Walks:

  • Water
  • Healthy Doggy Treat
  • Lots of Love & Affection!

Overnight Stays

It’s widely known throughout the Pet Care industry just how unpleasant the boarding experience is at your standard facility. Your loved one is shoved into a metal cage, minimally interacted with, and surrounded by numerous other anxious and angry dogs. It is a downright awful experience, and can even be detrimental to their psyche.

Here at OC Pet Care and Training, we recognize that your pet is your family, and we take immense pride in providing them with an experience filled with the love and kindness that your family deserves.

We aren’t even fans of calling the service we provide as “Boarding,” because we feel that an industry filled cold and callous experiences has ruined the term. You can think of the service we provide as more of a vacation for your dog than a standard boarding experience.

While you are out of town, your pet will have 24-hour supervision, be free to safely roam their surroundings, and socially interact with their own kind. They will be fed food and treats of your choosing, regularly taken outside to play and go potty, and will be shown special attention and affection if they have any difficulty with the adjustment to a new home.

As part of the experience, your dog will also be taken on scheduled Pack Walks and get some exercise and social interaction at some of Orange County’s most popular dog spots, such as the Huntington Beach Dog Beach, Newport Beach Dog Park, or even Fashion Island.

Of course, if you would prefer that your pet either be separated from the other overnight stays, or to not take part in the Pack Walks and social activities, this is absolutely a request we can honor with the utmost respect.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! We offer a completely free, zero obligation initial consultation. Get to know us with your dog by your side, and see for yourself the level of comfort, expertise, and security we can bring to your Pet Sitting or Dog Walking experience.